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From: Beaugency, France.

Légende du Pont de BEAUGENCY

In english (according to the babelfish)
Caption Bridge of BEAUGENCY

Thomas from France emailed:
I'm writing to you to try to explain the french postcard you received.
It is difficult to understand, even for me, because it's in old french, must
be written a few hundred years ago. And it is a poem with special rythms.
And it respect all the french grammar. Doe! ... It makes it really
impossible to traduct.

It is the legend of the Beaugency Bridge (it's a town on the Loire river in

That bridge was build in one night, by the devil, who made it in a second,
without anything. That was the first time it happened in all the world. A
The devil will keep for him the best heart, the best heart any person who'll
go across his bridge. Young, old man, female or male.
The Beaugency inhabitants found a cat, and made it cross the bridge.
Suddently ! The devil took the cat, and his heart, all down to hell.

After that, it is much more difficult to understand... but I think it is
talking that there were no bridges on the Loire exept that one, but nobody
could get across....

Thanks Thomas!!